Steam Bot info

Steam Bot is a web crawler created by a curious individual named Antti Vainio. The goal of Steam Bot is to crawl Steam community and go through Steam users' profiles to gather some data from there. This data is then analyzed and shown on the Steam user stats page. Do note that Steam Bot is in no way affiliated with Steam or Valve and is basically a non-profit hobby of a single person. The source code is also available on GitHub under the MIT license but do consider, that you should not run your own instance of the Steam Bot because there already is one being run here and it doesn't give any benefit to run more instances. I'm only releasing the code for people to learn stuff.

Contact by email:
Visit the creator's website:
The creator's Steam profile: Mr. Anaatti
Source code on GitHub


Q: What does the Steam Bot exactly do?

A: Steam Bot works just like any other web crawler like Google Bot or Bing Bot because it essentially is one. Steam Bot acquires its data by sending http-requests and analyzing the received html-data. Because of this Steam Bot can only see exactly what every other bot or human browsing the Steam community can see while not logged into Steam.

Q: How do I know the 'SteamBot' that visited my website is you?

A: Well, if you are not Valve it was not me. My Steam Bot only requests URL:s of format[gameidnumber],[customurl]* or[idnumber]* where * is either nothing or '/ajaxaliases'. Steam Bot doesn't have a static IP and it will change from time to time but generally the IP should be from Finland. To know more about Steam Bot's current status right now check out Steam Bot status page.

Q: Hey, my Steam profile is private! You are not allowed to crawl me!!1!

Have no fear. Steam Bot can only see what everyone else can. While you are still being crawled only your user name, avatar status and VAC ban status will be checked. That means your profile will only contribute to the general percentages of private profiles, custom avatars, VAC bans and most common user names. You can't break the records on the stats page and your profile will never be linked to. That also means that no one will ever know whether or not your profile has been crawled.

Q: According to your stats I have the most games/friends/something else.
I don't want such publicity! What do?

A: Well, your Steam profile is public. Anyone can see it. Have you thought about that? If you really don't want to be on that list just make your Steam profile private at least to everyone but your friends. You can do this in the privacy settings. Alternatively you could just make someone else beat your record.

Q: I have higher game/friend/something else count than the one listed on the stats page! WHY?

A: That means my bot hasn't crawled your profile and knows nothing about you. If you really REALLY want to be crawled you could contact me and give me a link to your Steam profile. But don't count on me to accept all crawl requests!

Q: What the heck is importance on the stats page? How do you calculate that?

A: Well, that's simple! A person with a lot of games, friends, everything else is very important. Maybe you should send them friend requests so that they become more important and you could be friends with someone now even more important person!

Q: Have you crawled my Steam profile? :3

A: I have no idea. (Actually I do but I won't tell you because it doesn't matter)

Q: Have you crawled your own profile? I bet you haven't you lousy creep! >:(

A: I have!