Derelict Sepulchre

I recently started doing some stuff in Blender once again after about 8 years since I last did anything big in Blender. I think this video turned out quite nice and fits this song rather well even though I didn't plan to have it accompany this song when I started creating it. There's quite a lot of noise in the video as it was rendered in Cycles with a relatively low sample count. It still took hours to render even though the video contains only 38 seconds of unique content and is otherwise looping.

This song is also created by me and it is something quite different (and horrifying) compared to my usual stuff although it does heavily focus on sound design that I have done a lot in my other songs. Another heavy focus is on the percussion which is also one of the main focuses in all my other songs. So in the end, even though the genre is something completely different, the focuses are still the same. This time I just wanted to try something very different and I quite like how it turned out. I do have some plans to create some more horror themed music at some point.