Experimental stuff

I like to code a lot of small experimental programs and this is where I put them. Note that these programs are open source and you are allowed to use the codes for anything you want. In addition, these programs are also available on GitHub.

All these programs, except the follow the leader simulation and the WebGL demo, are coded with C++ and include Windows and Linux binaries and a Linux makefile. The follow the leader simulation uses Python 2.7 and the WebGL demo uses JavaScript and WebGL.

WebGL demo

A rather simple 3D WebGL demo featuring a somewhat complex rotating object
Uses JavaScript and WebGL

All RGB image generator

Generates images with each pixel having a unique color
Uses C++

FMOD music visualizer

Music spectrum visualizer using the FMOD library
Uses C++, FMOD, GLFW, GLEW and OpenGL 3.1

Fluid simulator

A simple 2D fluid simulator
Uses C++, GLFW and OpenGL

Follow the leader simulation

Simulates one kind of group behaviour
Uses Python 2.7 and PyQt4

Four dimensional demonstration

Lets you rotate a tesseract and a 3-sphere in four dimensions
Uses C++, SDL and OpenGL

Ray tracer

Draws a mountain scene using numerous graphical effects
Uses C++

Miscellaneous experimental stuff

No downloads