New stuff

New web browser game Rajaton released!

After more than 7 years I am finally releasing a new game and you can play it directly on your web browser! In addition, this time also the game soundtrack is created by me and also available for you!

As you can play the game on your web browser (PC, not mobile) right away, there's no need to describe the game. Just see for yourself and play the game right here, and remember to check out the soundtrack.


Remix of a Half-Life 2 song

One more song before I'll release some new coding stuff, probably even two! So, some pretty interesting stuff coming soonish.

This is a remix of a Half-Life 2 song CP Violation with small reference to the Sector Sweep song from Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Check it out: CP Violation remix


Renders from my videos now available!

I'm now releasing something that I could have released way earlier but better late than never. Maximum quality renders from pretty much all of my videos are now available to download. At the moment there are 206 new images, all of which are direct OpenGL renders that haven't been compressed with a lossy method at any point. Perhaps you can find your next desktop background there!

image image image

New music in a very fast pace!

So, as I kind of promised, I am releasing a new song rather quickly after my previous release. The song is another melodic drum and bass song but this time created in Renoise instead of OpenMPT like my previous songs. Check it out: Perpetual


New music after more than one year!

So, after more than a whole year I release a new song! It is somewhat glitchy melodic drum and bass that uses the Mixolydian scale, so rather interesting stuff there. I think I might be able to release my next songs a bit faster than this one, but in the meanwhile, check this one out: Disruptor Void


New music once a year it seems

So it seems like I can release some new music once a year and for this new piece I actually made two different versions as I thought I could make another better version of the song. You can check out the new songs right here: Bright Io and Dark Io

image image

3D WebGL demo

I am again releasing yet another experimental program. It is a rather simple 3D WebGL demo featuring a somewhat complex rotating object. The best thing is that it runs right on your web browser so you have no reason not to check it out right here. The program is also available on GitHub.