New stuff

New music once a year it seems

So it seems like I can release some new music once a year and for this new piece I actually made two different versions as I thought I could make another better version of the song. You can check out the new songs right here: Bright Io and Dark Io

image image

3D WebGL demo

I am again releasing yet another experimental program. It is a rather simple 3D WebGL demo featuring a somewhat complex rotating object. The best thing is that it runs right on your web browser so you have no reason not to check it out right here. The program is also available on GitHub.


All RGB image generator

I'm releasing a new experimental program called the all RGB image generator. The idea is to generate images in which each pixel has a unique color while also using as wide variety of RGB colors as possible.

You can see the program here and also on GitHub.


Releasing a web robot honeypot

Today I'm releasing one of the coding projects that I've been working on. It is a honeypot website that gathers all the data that bots and everyone else send to it and displays that data to everyone. You can see the honeypot in action right here if you happen to be interested in seeing what kind of stuff gets sent to websites. The code for this project is also available on GitHub.

Some new music with higher quality visualizations

I just released a new song Era and also released another one back in last September. The visualizations I created for these two songs were also higher quality than my earlier visualizations. 60 fps and 1440p resolution this time instead of 30 fps 1080p like previously.

image image

Also, as I apparently said in my last news post around a year ago, I indeed have also been working on some coding project. One of those is almost finished right now and I should really be able to release it soon and put the codes on GitHub.

New music released after a year

It has been a whole year since the last time I released any music and I haven't been releasing too much of anything else either which is a real shame... as always. Anyway, I just went ahead and released two new songs during the last month:

image image

I'm also working on some new coding projects in addition to all the old stuff that is still unfinished, and I should eventually be able to release some new stuff on GitHub. I also have some new songs coming out and I should be able to release something in a couple of months.

After a long while: source code of SteamBot released

It's been a terribly long time since I've written or released anything here which is a real shame, and I really haven't got much work done on any stuff either. I do have a lot of plans to make some of my older stuff open source and release them on GitHub and of course create some music with nice visualizations.

But anyway, I've just released the source code of SteamBot, the Steam community web crawler, on GitHub under the MIT license. Do consider however, that you should not run your own instance of the SteamBot because there already is one being run by myself and it doesn't give any benefit to run more instances. I'm only releasing the code for people to learn stuff.