On the frontpage:
44.Mar 17th, 2018New music once a year it seems
43.Jan 26th, 20183D WebGL demo
42.Sep 11th, 2017All RGB image generator
41.Feb 18th, 2017Releasing a web robot honeypot
40.Jan 31st, 2017Some new music with higher quality visualizations
39.Feb 2nd, 2016New music released after a year
38.Sep 5th, 2015After a long while: source code of SteamBot released
37.Dec 29th, 2014STRF game library released!
36.Nov 13th, 2014Experimental stuff now on GitHub!
35.Oct 1st, 2014New music after a while
34.May 12th, 2014Music spectrum visualizer
33.Apr 3rd, 2014Slow start for 2014
32.Jan 6th, 2014A look back at 2013
31.Dec 12th, 2013SteamBot is crawling the Steam community
30.Dec 3rd, 2013Cinematic drum and bass
29.Oct 30th, 2013More demos!
28.Sep 6th, 2013Two new songs
27.Jul 25th, 2013Pirates, Vikings and Knights II song
26.Jul 8th, 2013More music
25.Jun 20th, 2013Music by me!
24.May 24th, 2013New demo is out!
23.Apr 11th, 2013Two dimensional fluid simulator
22.Mar 7th, 2013The Linux version of Strafe is finally released!
21.Feb 16th, 2013My first demo is out now!
20.Jan 16th, 2013Half-Life 2 map: Drainage updated!
19.Jan 2nd, 2013A look back at 2012
18.Dec 12th, 2012The Apocalyptic One Two released!
17.Nov 3rd, 2012New video: Lakeside Village Commentary
16.Oct 6th, 2012Upcoming stuff section is here
15.Sep 3rd, 2012New video released: a short Blender animation
14.Aug 21st, 2012I have a Twitter account now
13.Jul 17th, 2012Added video section along with a new video
12.Jun 14th, 2012Strafe released!
11.Jun 1st, 2012Simulating group behaviour
10.May 3rd, 2012More experimental stufff
9.Apr 6th, 2012Four dimensional demonstration program
8.Feb 25th, 2012Rotko version 1.0 released!
7.Jan 30th, 2012New ray tracer released!
6.Sep 22nd, 2011Rotko released!
5.May 16th, 2011Added an unfinished games section to this site
4.Dec 1st, 2010Dys_desert_v3_b1 released!
3.Nov 29th, 2010Added Evolute to SourceForge
2.Nov 23rd, 2010There will be a new version of dys_desert
1.Nov 8th, 2010Hello World!