A look back at 2013

So let's see what I did in 2013. As I already promised a year ago there were no new games from me last year like there were a few in 2012. Instead there were lots of other stuff.

Last year I released my first demo which is basically a nice graphical presentation with some music. My first two demos were more just visualizations for certain music but the third one that I also managed to release last year was really a proper demo in my opinion.

As something completely new that I haven't done before I started creating music. Basically I've always wanted to make music as long as I can remember but it was only until now that I actually started doing it. Indeed I managed to get six songs out in 2013 and a lot more will be coming this year. All this music also had some nice visualizations like the demos I mentioned earlier although not as flashy. As a result I more than doubled the content on my YouTube channel.

But I didn't completely forget about coding, the thing I've always been doing, even though I didn't create any new games. There was a Linux version of Strafe, a nice open source fluid simulator and just some time ago SteamBot, a web crawler that goes through the Steam community. However, last year I was also supposed to realease the FMOD spectrum analyzer that is currently listed in the upcoming stuff. It's really a shame because basically it had already been finished for the whole year but I've had a plan to recode it to use newer OpenGL version. Well, sadly that didn't happen but it should be out this year (hopefully).

Then what about the upcoming year? As already mentioned there will at least be more music and that FMOD spectrum analyzer but I also have a new game in plans, too (yay). Other than that I don't think I have any great plans so we'll see if I come up with some other cool stuff.