The Linux version of Strafe is finally released!

It took way too long (as always) but it's finally here: the Linux version of Strafe.

All my games have about the same amount of downloads to this date which means that my more recent games have actually been more succesful as they have gathered the same amount of downloads in a shorter time span. Strafe, however, is an exception here. Every one of my games has about ten times more downloads than Strafe, so Strafe has been quite a flop.

Then why am I making this Linux version? Well, there are a few reason were they good or not. Most importantly I want to be able to say that all my games are also available for Linux. The Linux version really isn't a big deal as I already use cross-platform libraries so the source code usually requires almost no changes. On top of this all I also get to update the Windows version.

Although the game really wasn't a triumph it still wasn't a futile project for me either. While creating that game I developed a lot of stuff that later turned into a library that works as a framework for OpenGL applications and I've since used that framework in my newer games and even in video production.

In the end Strafe really isn't a bad game. I still enjoy playing it occasionally even though I've already played it for dozens and dozens of hours as the developer. The problem just is that the game doesn't look really interesting at all.