A look back at 2012

I would say that 2012 was a pretty epic year for me as I got more stuff done than ever. There is a reason why I got almost nothing done in 2011 but still to compare I made twelve of these news posts which is six times more than in 2011. I also released three games, one of them being just a new version, compared to one game released in 2011. On top of that I made three new experimental things, started a YouTube channel that already has six videos and created some stuff that is yet to be released.

I also made some changes to this site itself. In 2011 we didn't have miscellaneous experimental stuff, videos nor upcoming stuff. In addition, I've been continuously making this site better looking and more readable in general.

And like that already wasn't enough, I even did something on 12.12.2012 (released a game) and I'm glad I did because there won't be 13.13.2013.

But I guess that should be the most important stuff that happened in 2012 and to say a word about 2013: there will be a lot less games to play but a lot more cool videos to watch.