Rajaton played in the Renoise DAW

Related game: Rajaton

This is a song created by me, fully within the Renoise DAW with only a single external VST instrument that was used to create the string instrument.

This song is also the soundtrack for the web browser game Rajaton which you can play on your web browser right here: Rajaton

The song is a combination of all the songs that can be heard in the game which include two exploration songs, two actions songs and the menu music. This music attempts to combine some retro game music elements from the tracker music era with some modern sound design. The action parts are less retro and a combination of industrial metal and drum and bass.

There's also a total of 8 melody references to game music from 5 other games and to be totally fair, almost all melodies in this song are borrowed from these other games. 5 of the references are from 4 old finnish indie games and the rest are from the DOOM 2016 soundtrack.

The references are as follows:
0:28 The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki - Panda
1:13 Tapan Kaikki 4: Bloodshed - Default 1
2:19 DOOM 2016 - Harbinger
2:38 Phobia II - MENU
3:17 Juha Rantala - Moonfly [Wings OST]
3:57 Welli - V-fighters landing [Wings OST]
4:54 DOOM 2016 - Vega Core
5:10 DOOM 2016 - BFG Division